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Current Project

Friends of Environment are continuously fighting towards saving the environment through various programs. Below are the current projects  FOE aims to achieve this year.

Termite control

FOE initiated project of Termite control program, to save current trees that are infested by Termites. Recently it was seen that many fully grown and mature trees being cut down at the Rose and Jasmine Garden. We understand that this action poses an environmental challenge for the Park’s future and adds significantly to the growing activity around the city. Moreover, it is observed that trees are badly infested with termite which could be possible reason for cutting off the trees. The objectives of the project include implementing several methods:

⦿Mechanical Methods

⦿Chemical Methods

⦿Other Methods


Eco- Friendly Sewage Treatment plant

Installing a sustainable Eco-friendly sewage treatment plant and solid waste management system to boost the tourism industry.

The objectives of project include:

⦿To protect water springs and nullahs from wastewater pollution produced by local communities and tourists.

⦿ To protect agricultural lands from wastewater pollution.

⦿To protect the environment and to reduce health threats.

⦿To use the treated water as an alternative source for irrigation.

⦿To increase environmental awareness in wastewater management. 


Agro-Support Program

A plan to grow olive farms, in order for both the community and farmers to benefit from this project. The objectives of the project include:
⦿The proliferation of olive in Pakistan in general and focus in Punjab.
⦿Standardization of olive propagation techniques for the strengthening of the olive nursery production industry in Punjab.
⦿Creation of awareness among civil society and local community for olive consumption.
⦿Development of value addition techniques for product development from olive fruit.


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